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About us

So You Wanna Be In TV? is a social enterprise committed to changing the face of TV at entry and Junior level. Embedded in the community with over 100 years broadcasting experience, we listen to the TV industry which struggles to access diversity and the diverse communities who want to get into TV but don’t know where to start - we simply bring the two together. We’re allergic to quotas, tick boxes and 16 – 24 year old age restrictions. We look for the brightest talent out there and we have a great bespoke talent pool! We’re very aware of the changing technology and are keen to share our data expertise to enable TV to stay ahead of the curve.

As a social enterprise we are committed to our purpose first, which is to increase diversity in TV and address youth unemployment. We’re storytellers, listeners and love adding value. Sustainability is key and we raise sponsorship, run campaigns, training and produce corporate videos to fund our free programme of events held in TV studios and across 17 of the poorest boroughs in London. By remaining deliberately office-less, there is more time to go and see TV companies over a cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit to not only deliver the talent they want but to bring their brand into the heart of hard to reach communities, access to our networking and talent showcase events and cost effective campaigns, training, corporate videos and consultation.


The Business Case For Diversity – What’s In It For TV?


Involving more than 40 case studies and 1,800 employee surveys, it looked at what it termed “two dimensional diversity” namely “inherent diversity” – such as gender and race – combined with “acquired diversity” – such as global experience and language skills. It found that publicly traded companies with two dimensional diversity were 45 per cent more likely than those without to have expanded market share in the past year and 70 per cent more likely to have captured a new market. When teams had one or members who represented a target end-user, the entire team was as much as 158 per cent more likely to understand that target end-user and innovate accordingly. Real and tangible diversity requires investment. Quote from where?

WHAT’S IN IT FOR TV? Cost effective diverse talent, authentic programme content leading to increased revenue and market share. We also promote our sponsors across our social media and hard to reach youth networks. All of our services are sponsored by TV, brands and corporates who want to recruit , engage with diverse communities. Our sponsors are keen investors in the community and in return they get access to our diverse networks. Sponsorship has provided free employability skills to 2,015 young people from 17 of the poorest boroughs in London. 65% of those that we have mentored have entered the TV industry.

“I attended the 'So You Wanna Be In TV' session in 2010. I had no idea how to start a career in TV. I started a 6 week paid internship with ITV Sport in November and it was the best thing I have EVER done. I'd like to say a big THANK YOU! because without you inviting me to the session after our mentoring phone call back in July, none of this would have happened for me.

Serena Jacobs started an internship at ITV. Now Production Coordinator at ATP Media

"I sponsored So You Wanna Be In TV? to recruit entry level candidates across our business. I can recommend their service to any broadcaster or independent wanting to increase diversity at entry level within their business."

Bruce Robertson, EVP, Creative Strategy ITV

We have designed a significant outreach project.

The successful, underlying principle of this project – strong relationships with young people on the street, in community groups, youth offending teams, prisons, schools, colleges, universities, disability providers, homeless organisations, community radio stations and other local partnerships.

Sponsorship raised by us provides free employability skills, long-term mentoring and direct links with employers, increasing diversity in TV and offering young people new skills and opportunities to change their lives for the better.

The sessions cover: The many different careers in TV, e.g. post, production, digital, finance, PR, legal, on-screen, production management, drama and script writing.

Confidence building, great communication skills, literacy, customer awareness, team working, problem solving, social, tech, digital media and basic computer skills are what we teach.

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